Monuments in Vipiteno

This city has a lot to offer …

The northernmost city in Italy: Vipiteno …

… in summary:

old and charming commercial and mining city; Alpine centre; colourful buildings with beautiful characteristic bay windows; Medieval atmosphere and old streets with walls full of history; delicious Vipiteno Yogurt; the ideal starting point for many fun experiences; the centre South Tyrol, from where you can be almost anywhere in just one hour.

… everything at glance:

  • The Torre delle Dodici Tower in the heart of the city: the symbol of Vipiteno deserves the first mention. Built in the 15th century by Hans Feur, its name, meaning “Tower of Twelve O’clock”, is due to the fact that its bell always announced the lunch break precisely at noon.
  • The Baroque Wolfsthurn Castle: with its lavish rooms, this castle is not just for those who have an interest in this opulent style, but also for hunting and fishing lovers. You will find the hunting and fishing museum, a must for both adults and children.
  • Wonder of nature: the Stanghe Gorge: a natural celebration of Mother Nature. Water crashing down the marble gorge, with you right in the middle, following paths of walkways and wooden bridges that take you into the canyon, against rock walls and through the gorge itself. An unforgettable experience.
  • Shopping everywhere: a flourishing shopping centre. The Torre delle Dodici tower is where new and old meet: it shows you the way to wonderful shops, boutiques, bars and much more. And the DOB, Designer Outlet Brennero shopping centre, just outside Vipiteno, is also worth a visit.
  • Summer fun: winter skiing resort and summer relaxation area. From the centre of Vitipeno the cable car will take you to the sunny Monte Cavallo plane, 1,860 m asl. What for? Just wait and see!
  • Spirituality and legends: the Maria Trens Sanctuary is one of the main pilgrimage destinations in South Tyrol. 15 stations will take you through the meditation path to Trens.
    Another spiritual path is the “Our Father” trail, which from Vipiteno takes you west to the church of the town of Tunes.
  • The Ridanna Monteneve mines: 800 years of mining activity. What did it actually mean, what was the work like and how has mining changed over the centuries? Find out at the highest mine in Europe? Are you curious? Here you can have a go at testing your capabilities as an actual miner ...
MiningWorld Ridanna
Mine Ridanna
Stanghe Gorge
The Parkhotel
At the discovery
of the Hotel Engels Park ...

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