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The ideal starting point, but also the backdrop for many adventures and activities. Captivating old streets with colourful buildings and ancient town walls will have you longing for a break, or a relaxing stroll. From the centre of the town, the cable car will take you to the sunny Monte Cavallo plane, renowned winter skiing resort and summer hiking area. Do you want to know more?

Sterzing/Vipiteno in Winter

You can be (almost) anywhere in just an hour: 60 minutes; 3600 seconds.

From your Vipiteno hotel in just a moment you can reach the enchanting Varna lake, the Skytrek high-rope course, or the Bolzano Salewa Cube climbing area. Take in the views of the Innsbruck Goldenes Dachl (Golden Rooftop), or the Nordkette. The Joyful Törggelen in Bressanone. The lovers’ tree in Brunico. Just wander around the city - our hotel in Vipiteno is the perfect starting point for something new every day.


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… in summary: the most ancient city in Tyrol; Episcopalian city; university city; renowned guests, including Elephant Soliman, who in 1552 spent 2 weeks in Bressanone.

… 10 hiking destinations & recommendations:

  • Bressanone Cathedral: symbol of the city. Organ with 3335 pipes and 84 registers.
  • Novacella Abbey: one or the oldest monasteries of Tyrol, with a large monastic complex, the Roman Collegiate, the Picture Gallery and its own winery.
  • “Rendezvous” theatre tour: what’s better than discovering Bressanone through a special tour?
  • Hofburg (Episcopalian Palace): museum with important art collections, sculptures and permanent nativities with 5000 pieces. The internal courtyard is the backdrop of the Light and Music Show.
  • Hofburg Light and Music Show: admire these “Light Masters” - Spectaculaires-Allumeurs d’Images - dressing the Hofburg palace in a new light.
  • Hapsburg fortress: former fortress and defence complex; 65,000 m². Museum with permanent exhibitions and guided tours of the fortress.
  • Old town: medieval porches, winding streets, wonderful shops, bars, etc.
  • Törggelen: wine and chestnuts make an appearance; delightful refined cuisine! Autumn is Törggelen.
  • Plose hiking area
  • Varna lake: north-west of Bressanone: enchanting habitats, circular tours and refreshing water fun.
Hofburg (Episcopalian Palace)
Old town Bressanone


… in wenigen Worten: Hauptort des Pustertales. Mittelalterliche Stadtgassen. Schloss Bruneck. Kronplatz. Einstieg zur Sellaronda. Ländliches- und urtypisches Südtirol. Kunterbunter Charakter.

… 10 Ausflugsziele & Tipps:

  • Brunico old town centre: small shops, elegant boutiques, Stadcafé Brunico, pubs and wine bars - the perfect shopping break.
  • Brunico Castle / MMM Ripa: Messner Mountain Museum. The history of mountain people from all over the world, planned and presented by the famous extreme Alpinist Reinhold Messner
  • MMM Corones: Messner Mountain Museum at Plan de Corones.
  • The lovers’ tree in Brunico: a romantic place for all lovers; above Brunico, with breath-taking views.
  • Mountain photography centre: at the top of Plan de Corones; exciting exhibitions. New.
  • Plan de Corones skiing and hiking area.
  • Stegona Market: the largest and most famous annual market of Tyrol; only a short walk from Brunico town centre.
  • Museum of uses and customs of Teodone (Dietenheim): learn how farming people lived; interactive outdoor museum; open from Easter Monday to the end of October.
  • The earth pyramids of Perca: only a short distance from Brunico; natural sculptures created by landslides, erosion, water and the melting ice; clay column formation that is particularly captivating on a foggy day.
  • Dolomite lakes: only a short distance from Brunico, is the famous Lake Braies, a must especially during low season.
Bruneck/Brunico in Puster Valley
Brunico old town centre


… in summary: the Capital of South Tyrol; Congress city; a meeting point of many different culture; a sample of Italy and the Sweet Life; South Tyrol authenticity; palms and mountain.

… 10 hiking destinations & recommendations:

  • A must: ice cream from “Nicolas” (March to November) at Piazza delle Erbe 7, Bolzano.
  • Bolzano Cathedral: Gothic Cathedral symbol of Bolzano; the seat of the Bolzano - Bressanone Diocese since 1964.
  • Via dei Portici street: the beating heart of the city; perfect for a stroll or a break.
  • South Tyrol archaeological museum: the last home of Ötzi, the Tyrolean iceman; special exhibitions changing all the time.
  • Museion: futuristic building with contemporary art exhibitions from national and international artists; elegant settings; special exhibitions and shows.
  • Messner Mountain Museum - Firmiano Castle: a look into the sacred soul of the mountain with memories from many alpine expeditions.
  • Taking in the mountain air: Funivia del Colle - the oldest cable car in the world -, Funivia del Renon and Funivia di Sang Genesio, all take visitors to the highest mountain tops.
  • Salewa Cube: a must for those who love climbing; one of the largest indoor climbing centres in Italy; 2.000 m², 180 different climbing courses; equipment hire.
  • Walther Square: the main square in Bolzano, boasting events during the whole year, such as the Flower Market and the Christmas Market.
  • Mareccio Castle: congress centre inside the castle walls; wonderful view of the promenades, the rose gardens and the vineyards.
Christmas at Bolzano/Bozen
Walther Square


… in a nutshell: a historical spa town on the River Passirio, the place to go for conferences, concerts and culture. The region boasts beautiful parks, leafy promenades, botanical gardens, magnificent buildings of the Belle Époque, glaciers and palm trees, flowers of all the colours under the sun, and a mild, pleasant climate.

… 10 tourist destinations and useful tips:

  • The old town of Merano: there is a heady mix of history and modernity and the people couldn’t be friendlier. It is the most relaxed part of Merano, where you can stroll about, sip an aperitif in one of the many bars, or do a spot of window shopping under the arcades. Tip: climb to the top of the Polveriera Tower and take a shot of the beautiful surroundings.
  • The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle: 80 different botanical environments over 12 hectares. Here you will find observation platforms, interactive stations, brightly coloured parrots, adorable alpacas, beaches fringed with Caribbean palms and, of course, the most beautiful flora and fauna imaginable.
  • The Tappeiner Promenade: the ideal place for a walk, where you can spot a wide variety of plants and visit the Aromatic Herbs Garden. You can also enjoy a splendid view of the town of Merano. Starting point: Polveriera Tower.
  • The Wandelhalle: have fun browsing the beautiful paintings on the Promenade along the River Passirio in Merano. It is an outdoor gallery for all to see. Tip: Café Wandelhalle serves wonderful coffee!
  • Merano - Tirolo chairlift: a panoramic lift from which you can savour a view of the Tappeiner Promenade and picturesque vineyards on the way up to Tirolo. At the top, you can explore the picturesque village of Tirolo, either on foot or by bus, then return in the chairlift or wander down the “Tiroler Steig” path and continue along the Tappeiner Promenade towards Merano.
  • Merano Thermal Baths: just the place if you are looking to fit in a bit of rest and relaxation. There are 13 indoor swimming pools, 12 outdoor pools, an outdoor park where you can stretch out in the sun, and a sauna area.
  • Asfaltart: an international festival that draws street artists from all over the world to the centre of Merano. There are acrobats, clowns, fire eaters, dancers and musicians - expect to be blown away by the magic and excitement! (Annual event in early June).
  • The Evelyn Ortner Women’s Museum: it provides an interesting overview of the role of women over the centuries - and it is far from clichéd. It can be interesting for men too.
  • The Kurhaus in Merano: an Art Nouveau building with magnificent rooms including the “Kursaal”, the large hall with stage, gallery, bar, café, bistro, and the Pavillon des Fleurs. All kinds of events are held here: seminars, congresses, galas, meetings and concerts. An absolute must.
  • Merano 2000: ski area, also ideal for recreational activities and excursions to Merano and Avelengo. In summer it is perfect for hiking, climbing and mountain biking, to put the hustle and bustle of the town behind you.
Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
The Kurhaus in Merano


… in summary: capital city of Tyrol; unmatched experience at 574 and 2,350 m asl; old town with 800 years of history; worldly renowned tourist attractions, modern life style, culture and an impressive alpine world.

… 10 hiking destinations & recommendations:

  • Bergisel trampoline: Olympic trampoline overlooking Innsbruck; 445 steps and a tilted lift will take you to the wonderful restaurant with 360 ° view; an unmissable place for sports enthusiasts and visitors in general.
  • Golden roof: 2,657 golden copper tiles make this the symbol of the Tyrol capital; interactive museum with creative stations and sound installations.
  • Imperial Court: one of the three most important cultural buildings in Austria; the splendour of the 18° century; a journey through time.
  • Ambras Castle: a great renaissance castle with the oldest museum in the world; impressing art and curiosity chamber; up there, above Innsbruck! Fairy-tale park.
  • Alpenzoo: for everyone, adult and children alike; over 100 animal species; ground, air and water biodiversity.
  • Nordkette: the cable car journey to Seegrube lasts 20 minutes, and withthe Hafelekarbahn system it can take you 2,256 metres asl; hiking, tourist, climbing and skiing area.
  • Shopping centres: as you are already there, enjoy a visit to the most famous shopping centres: DEZ and Kaufhaus Tyrol.
  • Maria-Theresia-Straße: culture and shopping street with great bars and shops.
  • Grassmayr bell museum: how is sound produced from a bell? Wonderful sound space and live bell casting demonstration.
  • Tyrol Panorama: keyword: the battle of Mount Isel ( Iconic Tyrol freedom battle depicted on a 360° 1000 m² area).
Golden roof Innsbruck

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