Massages & spa treatments


A welcoming scent fills the room. May be locally picked herbs? Hands massaging your skin: a magic touch. Muscles start to relax, your mind wanders, and all worries disappear. Your heart fills up.

Happiness is finally here.

Enjoy top to bottom holistic pleasure and wellness in Vipiteno.

For your desired appointment, we do kindly suggest booking your preferred treatments in advance.

Beauty tratments
At the discovery
of the Hotel Engels Park ...

A happy holiday

Heavenly skiing pleasure


An extra day on us! Enjoy a relaxing winter sport holiday ad Vipiteno on the Rosskopf/Monte Cavallo 

08.01. - 28.01.2023  &  05.03. - 26.03.2023 

4 nights from € 439,- per person in a doubble room including 1/2 board

Arrival days: Sunday or Monday